How it works?

InvestroAI is the first AI-powered social crypto trading platform.

It serves as a secure interface between the AI bot and end-users. All AI bot's activities are monitored in real-time via a secured API connection and can be automatically copied to a follower's portfolio.

Followers can freely assign a part of their volume to each selected AI bot. Selecting multiple bots allows for diversified investments to optimize your portfolio management.

To ensure all users have a safe experience, the platform is developed with the highest security standards and undergoes continuous assessment through individual algorithms.


Investing through a platform like InvestroAI has certain advantages as the integrated AI bot listed on the platform is extremely experienced and knowledgeable with the help of deep learning and historical data in matters of crypto and fiat. It is also skilled in applying aggressive investment strategies along with complex risk management tools. The bot is exposed to a large pool of fiat and cryptocurrencies with a transparent fee model and real-time conversions and withdrawals. Moreover, InvestroAI will give investors access to an AI social trading feature that allows them to follow the most successful bots in terms of stable ROI. Profit distribution on the platform is completely transparent and open.

Key Features

Why InvestroAI?

  • Risk managment with the help of AI for Pro Traders
  • Safe Trading for beginners
  • Stable ROI
  • Real Yield on your investment
  • Completely secure and transparent


Management Suite

Investro's AI-based portfolio management suite utilizes advanced automation and optimization techniques to facilitate trading on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. The system is equipped with personalized approaches that are executed automatically to achieve the best possible outcomes for users.

The suite incorporates sophisticated mechanisms for multiple integrations with crypto exchanges, allowing for seamless real-time bidirectional data transfer. Through AI algorithms and data analysis, the suite provides valuable insights into market trends and price movements, enabling them to make informed trading decisions.

Additionally, the AI suite includes a feature that allows users to trade different coins and tokens across other cryptocurrency exchanges without the need for multiple log-ins and 2FA verifications every time they decide to execute a trade.Overall, the AI-based management suite provides users with a powerful tool to manage their stable ROI

  • Trade history of both AI and investors
  • Investors can make multiple crypto asset portfolios.
  • Traders can select the preferred crypto asset in a portfolio
  • Real-time crypto price and event notifications
  • AI bot copy trading
  • Link multiple exchange accounts.
  • View, follow, and allocate AI bot portfolios
  • View AI history and social insights
  • Social leaderboard and aggregated portfolio stats
  • Performance monitoring
  • Min & Max Allocation Controls
  • Exclude & Include Specific Assets
  • Specialized Rebalancing Algorithms
  • Portfolio Rebalancing ( on-demand, periodic, threshold, and cross-exchange)
  • Asset balance Tracker
  • Variable allocation weights
  • Custom index builder.

Secured Platform

Security & Protection

Security in general and security audit operations are at the top of the list in terms of priorities related to our system and products. Our budget and token distribution includes hiring third party security auditors and professional penetration testers in order to detect and prevent any and all weaknesses in our defenses as well as exposure to fraud or malicious attacks. Moreover, our defense system is to be integrated to overlook all transactions. In case of any suspicious activity, protocols will be initiated to block and rectify the situation in question.


Social Trading Pool

InvestroAI's advanced AI intelligence is the backbone of the platform, constantly analyzing market trends and historical data to create more profitable bots and strategies.

InvestroAI analyzing user behavior and investment patterns, So, the AI can suggest bots and strategies that are most likely to generate the best return on investment (ROI) for each user.

In addition to its sophisticated AI technology, InvestroAI employs a team of experienced traders and analysts who continuously monitor and adjust the platform's strategies to maximize profitability. This combination of advanced technology and human expertise ensures that InvestroAI users have access to the most effective trading tools and resources available.

  • Cygnus AI (Multi-currency)




    Copier ( 24% LAST 30 DAYS)
  • Titan AI (Multi Currency)




    Copier ( 18% LAST 30 DAYS)
  • Vortex AI (Multi-currency Trader)




    Copier ( 10% LAST 30 DAYS)


Staking wallet with RealYield

By holding inAI tokens in their investor wallets, users can earn staking rewards of up to 100-300% APY. The amount of passive income generated will be proportional to the number of tokens staked by each user. This is the simplest form of staking, as there is no requirement to hold the tokens for a specific duration. Users will receive rewards every day for holding Vestro tokens in the InvestroAI staking wallet, and they can withdraw their tokens at any time.

The multi-currency built-in crypto wallet app enables users to earn RealYield.

Affiliate Program

Referral Commision

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to InvestroAI and earn commission of their trades instantly in your Wallet.




VIP Representative


We make earning and referring fun with our structured offer which opens a window of opportunity to earn from us in different forms and to even make greater earnings. Share your affiliate link and all referral activities will bring rewards right to your wallet. We offer an affiliate program that is in two folds to expand your horizon and give limitless opportunities for reward.



The InvestroAI platform completely revolves around the usage of InvestroAI Token - a Utility Token that will be used on the platform to access various premium features, incentivize community sharing and value creation through a dynamic reward system, pay for fees and settlement of profits derived from social trading between members.

  • Token Ticker:


  • Token Type:


  • Total supply:

    100 billion (Max Supply)

  • Sale price:

    1 BNB = 183,333,333.33

  • Tax:

    4% buy Tax = 6% sell Tax

  • Tax Distribution(Buy):

    Buy 4%: 2% to liqudiity and 2% to marketing.

  • Tax Distribution(Sell):

    Sell 6%: 2% to Liquidity, 2% to marketing, 2% to Yield/Holder rewards



  • 50%

    Add into Lp


  • 30%

    Staking rewards


  • 20%



  • 55%

    Tokens Sale

    55,000,000,000 inAI

  • 33%


    33,000,000,000 inAI

  • 7%


    7,000,000,000 inAI

  • 5%

    Reserve for DAO

    5,000,000,000 inAI

  • ?

    Burn unsold supply after adding liquidity

    Unsold inAI will be burned after private token sale

Trade with InvestroAI on



  • 1To Get access of advance and latest Ai bot , users need a specific amount of inAI token to hold
  • 2inAI will be used to pay the commission/fee to the master traders on the Social trading platform
  • 3inAI holders get early access to InvestroAI Suite features.
  • 4Realyield rewards for holding rinAI token.
  • 5inAI can be used in the voting events related to the InvestroAI platform.
  • 6inAI holders can get discounts on platform fees.
  • 7Higher referral commission for inAI holders.



Quarter 2

  • Concept Documentation
  • Website release
  • Twitter community
  • Telegram Community launch


Quarter 3

  • Website release


Quarter 1

  • Pinksale partnership
  • Investro AI early access
  • InvestroAI Alpha release
  • InvestroAI Pre-register
  • Pinksale inAI Pre-sale
  • CMC/Coingecko Listing
  • Token Burn
  • Pancakeswap Listing


Quarter 2

  • InvestroAI Real yield Staking
  • InvestroAI Art airdrop for inAI holders
  • Portfolio management suite Development
  • API Development and Testing
  • Connecting API of Multiple Exchanges with InvestroAI


Quarter 3

  • Automated Social Trading (Custom Bots using InvestroAI)
  • Social traders leaderboard
  • Investors and Traders chat system Development


Quarter 4

  • Android/IOS App